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Who could use a HooCard?

HooCards is for business, for friends, for life.

We're constantly giving out our contact details to people - through emails, little notes, text messages, businesscards, brochures, etc. HooCard just makes that easier and more proffesional. Plus its free, so no matter if its for work or for fun, you can still have a great looking card. You can even make several different HooCards for different parts of your life.

Who is behind HooCard?

Hoocard was conceived of and created by Righteous Company. We're a small company with big ideas based out of Venice, California. Amongst other things we operate a design studio (, publish a design magazine (, run a t-shirt label ( and are in the process of redefining web-publishing (

We were looking for a businesscard solution for Dropsite when we decided that paper-cards were too inefficient for a progressive company in 2008. We didn't see anything in the marketplace that satisfied our needs, so we came up with our own solution. Then we decided to share it with everyone else. We hope you enjoy Hoocard.